frequently asked questions



Will Maveric produce plans from a concept or even from scratch?
Absolutely, we have an in-house designer who will develop your plans from scratch, making sure that you are completely involved and your ideas and needs are fully incorporated.


Do I have a choice regarding electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures?
Yes, our prices are calculated to include our standard range of fixtures, fittings appliances, you can however change these items and the price will vary accordingly.


How do I start the process to build with Maveric?
Simply give us a call or send us an email and we'll get things rolling.


Is the deposit part of the contract sum or is it on top?
Your deposit is included in the contract sum and will be deducted from the practical completion claim.


Are Council fees, engineering, soil tests, building surveyors and design fees included?
Yes absolutely!


Do you only build Maveric standard plans?
No, you can provide your own plans which we can price, however they must be produced by an accredited architect or draftsman to a standard which will allow council submission.


Can Maveric plans be modified?
Yes, in fact our standard plans often simply act as a starting point which can be developed into a plan which will suit your personal needs and requirements perfectly


Does Maveric build extensions?
Yes, large and small.


Do I have access to the house during construction?

Yes, predominantly due to liability and insurance issues access is limited to arranged visits. We will always be happy to attend a site meeting to discuss any question or concerns.


How long does the process of building take?
The process of design, engineering, and Council approvals will commonly take 3 to 4 months. Once a building permit has been received from the local authority, construction time is 100 - 120 days (depending on size and location) from the day the footings are excavated.


Will the contract sum vary once we have signed?
No - Unless you make changes to structure, fixtures or fittings, the price won't change. However there are circumstances such as when rock is found either in service trenches or footings or Council conditions where extra costs will be incurred.